SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST STARLINK UPDATES! 10 Reasons you should know before buying STARLINK. Don’t buy STARLINK if your reason is on the list. Starlink is now available in the Philippines. Things you should know before buying STARLINK.

0:00 Intro
0:21 STARLINK main purpose of STARLINK
– Providing internet service primarily to the remote area and anywhere in the world
– Improving the Satellite Internet by making it Low Earth Orbit which is much faster than Geostationary
– Means it is not a direct competitor of Fiber Internet like PLDT, Globe and Converge
– Also, not a direct competitor of Smart and Globe for internet data because Starlink doesn’t have SIM Card unless STARLINK becomes the 6G and implements the eSIM for all subscribers

1:11 10 Reasons to consider before buying STARLINK
It’s is up to you to decide. It’s your money. I’m just sharing information that might help you. Let’s start.

1:25 If you are not the target client or do not belong to the target market
Based on the Starlink website it’s Kit categorized by Residential, Business, RV, Maritime, Aviation and IOT(Internet of Things). We can just focus on Residential and RV. Residential is the best option because it can work as RV(Recreational Vehicle) Plan by just enabling the Portability Add-on if you are in a remote area. But if you are in the city and you want to try there is 30 days trial period. If it’s no good in your area you can return it and get a full refund.

2:29 If you have an existing FIBER CONNECTION with stable internet
FIBER CONNECTION is below 2,700/month. You might not need it. But it is up to you to consider.

3:03 If not part of the Budget
If you will use your Savings or Emergency Fund to buy Starlink Kit Starlink cost 29,320 pesos one-time payment before it is delivered. It may affect your budget. Again, it is up to you to consider.

3:33 If Starlink becomes a Liability not an Asset
If you will not use it to earn money like doing some Remote Work or anything side hustle that uses the internet. As I said, it is up to you to consider.

4:14 If you are in the city with lots of available options for Fiber connection
Fiber connection in the city is much more stable and below 2,700/month.

4:49 If you are in the Condo
Starlink needs an open area. The small window might not work properly to achieve a stable connection of 100-200mps internet speed. Unless you are allowed to put your Starlink on the rooftop or you are the owner of the establishment. You are free to do it, no more permissions are needed.

5:39 If your house is surrounded by tall buildings and/or trees.
It will obstruct the connection to satellites. On Starlink website suggesting not installing on balconies or windowsills. Do not install it next to a wall. Do not install in any covered outdoor area. Consider a rooftop install as the height improves the chances of clearing nearby obstructions. Again, it is up to you to consider. Might putting it on the pipe will solve the problem? Make sure it is stable once it falls might break and the warranty will be void.

6:47 If you have existing SATELLITE Internet
with good download and upload speed that can be compared to Starlink in terms of price, portability and internet speed. If not, maybe you can try Starlink because there is 30 day trial period. If it’s not good in your area you can return it and get a full refund before the trial period ends.

7:27 If you are going to RESALE (Piso Wifi or P2P Connection)
It is prohibited under the Terms of Service. 2.2 No Resale. You may not resell access to the Services to others as a stand-alone, integrated or value-added service under this Agreement.
Not too sure how Starlink detects it. Maybe with usage or the number of devices connected.
It may terminate your account at any time, without prior notice, unilaterally and immediately terminate or suspend all or a portion of your account and/or access to the Services for: (a) a violation of these Terms, including the Starlink Acceptable Use Policy
I don’t recommend to resale Starlink Internet connection.

9:11 If you are going to install it in a moving vehicle or vessel. You are prohibited from installing or using a kit on a moving vehicle or vessel unless Starlink has designated your specific kit model and/or mount for in-motion use and has obtained all required in-motion approvals in the country of use. Services in-motion on a vehicle or vessel (e.g., Cars, Vans, RVs, Boats) via an unauthorized kit or country is prohibited, will void the limited warranty of your kit, and may be grounds for termination of your agreement with Starlink per section 7.6 of these terms.
9:49 Outro

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