Starlink Frequently Asked Questions in the Philippines (Last update: March 2023)

I listed below the most common or frequently asked question of my subscribers on my Youtube Channel. If missed anything just comment down below. I’ll update this page from time to time. Thank you.

Starlink Residential and Starlink RV or Roam One-time payment 29,320 pesos with 30 days trial period and can be refund full. 

You can order Starlink only through their website I also upload a video guide tutorial how to order Starlink in my Youtube Channel. 

Starlink Residential Plan cost 2,700/month and for Starlink RV or Roam Plan 3,300/month for internet

Starlink have 30 days trial period and can be return and get a full refund. Starlink has no contract or lock-in period. You can cancel the service anytime.

Starlink can be use anywhere in the Philippines.

Starlink internet range between 100-200mbps (Cavite area) it may not stable during peak hours (6pm to 11pm). My highest download speed is 240mbps (Cavite area). For latency or ping on my end it is ranging 80-100ms (Cavite area)

By default none, you need to purchase Ethernet Adapter separately on their website shop. I cost 3,200 pesos.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter is available on Starlink website Shop. You can only access Starlink Shop page when you have Starlink account. 

There is no LAN port by default you need Ethernet Adapter. Most important it is illegal to resale Starlink service base on their Terms of Service. I would not recommend using it to PISO WIFI it might terminate your account without warning.

Starlink Router can handle up to 30 devices.

Starlink Router WIFI range up to 185m² (2000sqft)

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